ALSONTECH 3D Camera Products
Providing high quality industrial vision products for a wide range of flexible manufacturing applications
Binocular Laser Line 3D Camera
Industry-leading ability to adapt to bright ambient light and detect highly reflective workpieces.
Binocular Fringe Grating 3D Camera
Fine point cloud and faster processing speed to meet the demands of high quality precision assembly and guidance.
Outdoor 3D Camera
Resistant to bright ambient light, stable over a wide range of temperatures, waterproof, dustproof, salt-spray protected.
Monocular Laser Line 3D Camera
Flexible use, high environmental adaptability, efficient operation with dynamic conveyors.
3D Camera for Automotive Industry
Solve automated inspection and positioning problems and improve the flexible manufacturing level of automotive production line.
New Embedded Products
A new choice of high accuracy, high speed 3D cameras for mid-range imaging users.
Industry Cases
Partners & Customers
Partner Project
Integration of high-quality resources to offer valuable 3D vision products and services for automation users.