Solution Introduction
3D Vision-Guided Dynamic Sortation
Dynamic conveyor transmission is common in manufacturing and logistics facilities. Whether belt-type or roller-type conveyors will cause different levels of positional and deflection angle changes to the transported objects, resulting in incoming uncertainty. Our 3D vision system can deliver the real-time spatial coordinates of objects in motion to the robot, and guide the accurate grasping, feeding, and sorting.
Solution Advantages
Self-developed and Industrial Quality
The self-developed 3D vision system with industrial-grade quality and sound performance is adaptable to various production environments. We can provide a turnkey vision solution that integrated software and hardware.
Quick Recognition
The complete 3D vision product line supports the identification of multi-category, multi-sizes, multi-colors and reflective workpieces. In terms of running speed up to 500mm/s, it is suitable to match most kinds of conveyor transportation devices.
Steady Operations During Peak Hours
ALSONTECH 3D vision system runs smoothly even during peak hours, and the positioning accuracy is not affected by the temperature rise and environmental changes after continuous operations. Furthermore, the data acquisition speed can reach the millisecond level, which can meet the processing speed requirement of peak hours to avoid overcrowded warehouses.
System Compatibility
The vision system supports mainstream robot and PLC brands through various communication methods such as TCP, UDP, MODBUSTCP and PROFINET.
Customer Benefits
Guiding the robot to conduct the heavy and repetitive work and reduce the labor cost for users.
Handling random objects in any posture regardless of making and maintaining lots of customized tools, to support a large number of SKUs and easy teach-in of new parts.
Adopting anti-vibration body design and superior electrical components, the camera's service life can reach 5~8 years without additional maintenance cost.
7*24h operation time and quick positioning speed, magnificently increase the running efficiency of conveyor transportation system.
Applied Industries
Industry Cases