Solution Introduction
3D Vision-Guided Mixed Palletizing
During the ex-warehouse process, different types of material cartons will be stacked on the same pallet to save transportation costs and effort. The mixed palletizing system can guide the robot to realize orderly palletizing through intelligent algorithms. On the premise of maintaining a stable pallet, it can improve the utility ratio of pallet space and reduces transportation costs efficiently.
Solution Advantages
Offline Mixed Palletizing System
According to orders, the mixed palletizing system enables to proceed the offline stack planning and pick sequence planning to shorten the stacking time and optimize the pallet utilization.
SKU Workable with Massive SKUs
Supporting more than one thousand SKUs, users can add new materials at any time according to inventory conditions, aiming to meet the delivery demands of large warehouses.
System Compatibility
The mixed palletizing system is compatible to intelligent warehouse management platforms such as WMS and WCS, supports mainstream robot and PLC brands through various communication methods such as TCP, UDP, MODBUSTCP and PROFINET.
Customer Benefits
Improving pallet utilization through reasonable palletizing priorities. Compressing parcel size to reduce the cost of storage and transportation.
Powerful algorithms ensure reliable performance and a low mistake rate.
7*24 operation time, speeding up transportation and boosting the shipment.
Applied Industries
Industry Cases