Solution Introduction
3D Vision-Guided Assembly
There are many assembly stations in auto parts production and final assembly shop. Traditionally, the repetitive assembly work such as workpiece alignment, bolt fastening are conducted by workers, which makes it difficult to maintain process consistency. At present, many manufacturing companies plan to implement a robot-based automotive assembly system. The 3D vision technology enables more and more scenarios to realize automatic robotic assembly.
Solution Advantages
Self-developed and Industrial Quality
The self-developed 3D vision system with industrial-grade quality and sound performance is adaptable to various production environments. We can provide a turnkey vision solution that integrated software and hardware.
Intelligent Recognition
ALSONTECH has a complete product line, our 3D camera can recognize various colors, multi- kinds and multi-sizes of workpieces. It's easy to add new models and switch between different models rapidly.
High Precision
The assembly operation requires high accuracy. ALSONTECH 3D camera have high positioning precision and point cloud processing algorithms, guiding the robot to accomplish the accurate assembly of different kinds of workpieces.
System Compatibility
The vision system supports mainstream robot and PLC brands through various communication methods such as TCP, UDP, MODBUSTCP and PROFINET.
Customer Benefits
Guiding the robot to conduct the heavy and repetitive work, and reduce the labor cost and fixtures cost for users.
Stable imaging and positioning guidance effects, guarantee the consistency of the robot process and lower the difficulty of quality control.
Adopting anti-vibration body design and superior electrical components, the camera's service life can reach 5~8 years without additional maintenance cost.
7*24h continuous operating, greatly improve assembly efficiency and help users recover their costs quickly.
Applied Industries
Industry Cases