Depalletizing of aluminium ingots

— A large cable manufacturer

The user is a cable manufacturer, which needs to depalletize a large amount of aluminum ingots as raw material. The aluminum ingots are heavy, and the traditional manual handling and hoisting are time-consuming and laborious. To increase efficiency, a robot automatic unstacking system is introduced. The stacked aluminum ingots only need to be transported to the designated area, the robot can be guided through the 3D vision system to complete the heavy handling work.


AT-S1000-04A-S3 adopts line laser imaging technology that features high accuracy, fast deployment, and easy maintenance. The sensor is lightweight and compact, and can expand the field of view through arm-mounted installation. It is intelligent and has strong system compatibility, helping users to realize flexible production, reduce labor costs and tooling costs, and improve production efficiency.


Precise Grab Positioning

Aluminum ingots can be stacked arbitrarily, and there is no restriction on the way of incoming materials. The 3D vision positioning system can automatically correct the posture deviation of incoming materials and guide the robot to accurately grasp.

High Recognition Accuracy

Binocular structure, high positioning accuracy, strong algorithm robustness, recognition accuracy rate of 99.99%, ensuring continuous feeding of follow-up stations.

Reduced Input Costs

The 3D vision system can replace positioning fixtures, reducing the deployment and operation of hoisting facilities and labor input. According to production needs, it can add new models within half an hour, improve the flexibility of the production line, and help users reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

The vision system is highly integrated and easy to connect, so users can operate without complex programming. Industrial-grade quality guarantees a product life of 5~8 years, and only needs routine maintenance such as appearance cleaning and installation tightening.

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