Depalletizing of chemical bags

— A large feed processing enterprise

The user builds a unmanned management raw material sorting warehouse. The pallets are transferred by roller conveyor belts. It is necessary to solve positioning problems such as overlapping, reflection, and pallet position deviation. The 3D vision positioning system helps users replace manual work by robots, depalletize various raw material soft package stacks efficiently, and palletize materials into pallet according to orders and production schedule.


AT-S1000-01A-S2 adopts laser line  imaging technology that features high accuracy, large FOV, high adaptability, and easy maintenance. The camera is steady and intelligent, helping users to realize flexible production, reduce labor costs and fixture costs, and improve production efficiency.


Large FOV

The 3D vision system has a large FOV and can cover the entire stack. Scanning one time can obtain multiple grabbing positions on the same layer, the user can choose to grab one bag or more bags one time.

Excellent Adaptability

The laser line solution can recognize various materials and colors of soft bags. It can also deal with certain degree of extrusion and deformation, and the reflective bag surface.

System Stability

The 3D vision system can continuously run for 24 hours. The accuracy will not affected by the running time and temperature changes. The edge accuracy is consistent with the center of the FOV. It adopts point cloud processing and AI technology which can reduce mis-grabbing and dropping rate, and ensure the smooth operation of the depalletizing process.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

The vision system is highly integrated and easy to connect, so users can operate without complex programming. Industrial-grade quality guarantees a product life of 5~8 years, and only need routine maintenance such as appearance cleaning and installation tightening.

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