Loading of lithium cell frames
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The frame of the battery case is made of aluminum profiles. The formed workpieces are transported by customized pallets to the loading station for depalletizing and loading. One station should process various of workpieces. The customer wants to grab the large workpieces through one scan to ensure production capacity. The loading station is near the window, and the light changes a lot during the day, which requires stable vision for recognition and grasping guidance. The customer chooses to deploy a laser 3D vision system with a large FOV to solve the positioning problem with high efficiency.


AT-S1000-01A-S1 adopts laser line  imaging technology that features high accuracy, large FOV, high adaptability, and easy maintenance. The camera is steady and intelligent, helping users to realize flexible production, reduce labor costs and fixture costs, and improve production efficiency.


Intelligent Correction

The 3D vision system can obtain the spatial coordinates of the target object through scanning, and effectively correct the positioning deviation caused by inaccurate stacking.

Large FOV

The 3D vision system has a large FOV and can cover the entire stack. The fixed camera can run in parallel with the robot without occupying the overall beat.

Excellent Adaptability

With the laser line  solution, the reflection of the profile surface can also obtain the complete point cloud. The workstation is close to the window, and the light changes in the morning and evening will not affect the recognition effect, and the user does not need to repeatedly adjust the parameters.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

The vision system is highly integrated and easy to connect, so users can operate without complex programming. Industrial-grade quality guarantees a product life of 5~8 years, and only need routine maintenance such as appearance cleaning and installation tightening.

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