Super large FOV binocular laser line 3D camera
The product has a wide field of view to accommodate large stacking and workpiece positioning scenarios, with an effective depth of field of up to 3900mm.
Large FOV binocular laser line 3D camera
The product has a wide field of view and depth of field, making it suitable for typical size stacking and medium to large size workpiece positioning scenes. It offers high positioning accuracy and strong resistance to ambient light interference. Multiple configurations are available.
Medium FOV binocular laser line 3D camera
The product has a small to medium field of view and depth of field. Its compact size makes it suitable for mounting on the end-axis EYE-IN-HAND of the robotic arm. This can be used to scan target workpieces at close range in a compact workstation and achieve high-precision positioning guidance.
A-Series Advantages
Line-scanning Laser Imaging
The product has excellent environmental adaptability and can easily cope with high levels of ambient light, dust, and other harsh environments. It also has good recognition of highly reflective and dark-colored light-absorbing workpieces, providing high-quality point cloud data with rich details.
Binocular Structure
By using a market-proven, mature binocular structure design with an optimal baseline ratio, we can effectively reduce the temperature drift coefficient of optical products. Reducing the risk of lens distortion through software algorithms ensures accurate and stable continuous operation.
Wide FOV Coverage
A range of subtypes are available to choose from, covering a wide range of effective fov, including super-large, large, small and medium-sized options, to meet the needs of acquiring depth of field data at far, medium and near distances.
Hardware Selection
The product shell is made through CNC one-piece molding, providing excellent anti-vibration performance. The surface is treated for anti-corrosion, wear-resistance, and insulation, achieving IP65. It is equipped with top-brand optical components to ensuring long-term stable operation.
Rigorous Quality Control
The products are of industrial-grade quality and have undergone over 30 performance tests before leaving the factory, with a cumulative testing time of more than 10,000 hours.
Flexible installation methods are available through our self-developed vision application algorithm platform, ALSON Vizmaster. This allows for easy deployment in a variety of production sites.
Point Cloud Effects
Communications Support
The ALSONTECH 3D vision system supports popular robot and PLC brands available in the market.
It can also facilitate communication through various methods such as TCP, UDP, MODBUSTCP, PROFINET, MOTOPLUS, and more.
Industry Cases
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