Large FOV outdoor 3D camera
The product has a wide field of view and depth of field, making it suitable for typical size stacking and positioning scenes of medium and large workpieces. It offers high positioning accuracy and strong environmental adaptability, making it suitable for outdoor use.
Medium FOV outdoor 3D camera
The product has a small to medium field of view and depth of field. Its compact size makes it suitable for mounting on the end-axis of the robotic arm EYE-IN-HAND. This can be used in outdoor environments to scan the target workpiece at close range and achieve high-precision positioning and guidance.
ET-Series Advantages
Resistant to Bright Light Interference
Fearless of all outdoor sunlight interference, within 110000Lux illumination can generate high-quality point cloud data.
By adopting heat pump technology, we can effectively solve the problem of product heat dissipation without increasing the product's external dimensions. This will raise the product's stable working temperature to 55℃.
Low-temperature Resistant
Resolve the issue of lens fogging at low temperatures in optical products and extend the product's stable working temperature to -20℃.
High Protection
The product features a three-proof design with an IP67 protection rating, providing excellent waterproofing, salt spray resistance, and anti-mold capabilities.
Point Cloud Effects
Communications Support
The ALSONTECH 3D vision system supports popular robot and PLC brands available in the market.
It can also facilitate communication through various methods such as TCP, UDP, MODBUSTCP, PROFINET, MOTOPLUS, and more.
Industry Cases
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