3D Vision-Guided Loading & Unloading
To locate the targets by quick scanning and guide the robot to pick and place accurately in loading and unloading scenarios.
3D Vision-Guided Bin Picking
To locate the randomly placed objects and guide the robot to pick through optimal motion path until empty the container.
3D Vision-Guided Assembly
To guide the robot to complete high-precision assembly process and meet the low-tolerance processing requirement.
3D Vision-Guided Depalletizing
To guide the robot to depalletize various materials and stacking types and place them to specific location.
3D Vision-Guided Dynamic Sortation
To acquire the real-time coordinates of dynamic workpieces or parcels and guide the robot to grasp and sort rapidly.
3D Vision-Guided Mixed Palletizing
To make reasonable palletizing plans through intelligent algorithms and guide the robot to complete mixed palletizing automatically.
3D Vision-Guided Path Planning
To recognize target workpieces and automatically generate the optimal process path based on the specific processing needs.